Sunday, July 25, 2010

Real Shit from Logan Dean Worrell

I know I know. Where the hell have I been right? Listen mother fuckers. I'm a busy fucking dude. I got lots of shit going on yall dick heads dont even know about. For one, I've been working on my abs. Which are looking great. Truth be told. I havent been doing much of anything. A lot of chillin, that's for sure.

San Francisco has been my home for the past few months. It's ok I guess. The weather is terrible, but the 22 year old girls are bountiful and the burritos are A+. I went from living in a kitchen in the Tenderloin, to Tim Brooks' couch where Tim, his wife and 2 children also live. It's official, I'm on some next level loser shit. Everyday I wake up and think of ending it all, however, quickly realize that I am far to vain for that type of behavior. Basically I sit in my sweatpants till about 3 pm on my day off and listen to Triple Six Mafia records with a 5 yr old. She prefers Taylor Swift, who in my humble opinion is fine as hell.

Alright, Alright, lets get down to the short and skinny of it. You ain't here to read a bunch of bullshit. Most of you brain dead mutants are too stoned to read about my boring life. Yall need PIKTURESSS to keep your asses glued to whatever beanbag chair you're sitting in while enjoying my supreme brilliance.

After Chaos in Tejas me and some of the homies popped into my sister's place to enjoy her pool and my moms sandwiches while at the same time introducing the clique to Terry Dean Worrell. Here is me and Dad.

I happen to have unusually short arms. It's something I've learned to live with, but it is nice to have a good friend rub sunscreen on my back. Thanks friend.

Mom didn't let us play with fireworks when I was little. Having had enough problems as a child, I think she didn't see the need in introducing a new toy in which to hurt myself with. It was the 4th of July with the homies so why not live a little. What momma don't know cant hurt her.

The only thing I'm really good at is being on vacation. I'm really really good at it.

I dont know what this contraption is called, I know it's not a wakeboard. I know its not a jet ski. That is all I know.

My culinary skills are limited to 2 things, Chicken wings and grilled cheese sandwiches. The only way to make both of them properly is to prepare them minus a shirt.

Most people would take the cigarette out of their mouth. Most people would wear a helmet. Most people might even put a shirt on or maybe even shoes. Those people are not named Logan Dean Worrell.

You put on any Dick's Picks and son, I will fucking dance.
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Terry Worrell Explaining why you cant expect to eat everyday.