Sunday, November 14, 2010

a little something something.

I've been fucking off for awhile. Figured it was high time to drop some knowledge on you pricks.

Spanish trashcan. Pretty cool.

When I was told a photograph was about to be taken, I instantly reverted to what I would have done, given the same situation if I was 15. Mission Accomplished.

Nked Dwdz

This is TeTe. He is part bullfighter, part Joe Strummer impersonator.I dont have a best friend, but i think it's TeTe.

If I was to wear this in Mexico to a punk show, I'd probably get the tan beaten off my ass, yet in this country its no problem to wear a sombrero to a Latino punk gig. Keep in the mind I was once referred to as an antisemite in said country. Germany. Wow.

The only good thing about European squats is that they allow you the freedom play games involving( but not limited to) house hold cleaning products, placed on top of a fooseball table and set up like bowling pins while people jump off couches and try to knock them down.

it was a very good meal

I love this dude, but come the fuck on. Sometimes for make it too goddamn easy to fuck with you.

Matt told me that I've been doing this since we were 13. I'm pretty sure its still really funny as hell.

Everybody always says" Man, those squats are so fucking cool. It must be so great to hang out and stay at em everyday for 6 weeks." Well have at it mother fucker.

Hey there little guy!

Heres a little story. Once opun a time there was a guy named Logan. He sat in a van all day in the rain for what felt like an eternity. It was cold and he was bored, so to kill some time and make his friends laugh, he put a condom in Victors afro. The End.

When life gives you lemons, lounge on a couch in Madrid with fine girls.

Bad to the Bone. I concur.

All and all it was a good time.