Thursday, February 11, 2010


A couple things I'd to address.

1. I get along really well with old, long haired hobos who drink beer across the street from my work. They dont even ask me for smokes or money anymore. Jerry ( my personal hobo ) says he'd call me "red" if there wasnt already another fella going by that name. I'd like to think of myself as " the hobo whisperer". Although there is that one mean fucker with the violin. Fuck that guy.

2. People who pay for things in nothing but change really bother me. I'm cool with using change. Just never more then 5 dollars at a time. Shit can get kinda outta control.

3. Big Ups to my girl Nancy Kerrigan. Hang in there Boo.

4. White people love smoothies.

5. And Kombucha.

6. Terry Worrell hates winter and emails me everyday telling me so. Today he emailed me twice.

7. The other day a gay latino gentleman came into my work and when I greeted him he just said "g's up, ho's down". I asked him what the fuck he was talking bout and he just said "it's a state of mind". Still confused about the whole thing.

8. I think I might be a Republican. I'm totally cool with the death penalty and really hate having to give me hard earned money away to layabouts. However, I'm totally cool with gay marriage and abortion.