Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Terry Worrell Interview

Terry Worrell is a father,a brother, a poet, an artist, a lover, and a golfer. This is a candid interview I did with him over Christmas just for shits. He's a legend and an institution in the Austin punk scene and we were very lucky to catch him on a good day. Maybe it was because I gave him a subscription to Avid Golfer Monthly that made him feel like getting real.

LOGAN: Describe your earliest memory.

TERRY: This morning it was "I'm glad I made the coffee last nite".  Lifetime--- vague flashes
of black & white newsreels of WWII and FDR, and the remains of the house we had been living in after it burned down.

LW:What did you parents do for a living?

TW:Pop worked for the Highway Dept. for 42+ years and officiated fuhbaw,
basketball and baseball.  A lot of our 'disposable' income was derived from that.  Disposable income meant food,
rent, gas, etc.  Mother worked many years for the DPS/Driver's License Bureau.

LW:Tell me about your siblings.

TW:Chuck is the big 'un, 3 years younger, fuhbaw coach.  Pat is the baby, 7 years younger,
bigot cop.

LW:How did this influence your adult life? 

TW:I guess I was the leader.  No influence to speak of.

LW:How old are you?

TW: 2/20/42.  67 years old.

LW: Holy shit that's old. Do you have any regrets? 

TW:Way too many to inumerate.

LW: Terry Worrell, highlights? 

TW: 3/27/83.  1973.

LW:Who is Snidley Whipsnade?

TW:  My alter ego.  He is the creative one.  Resides in my PC and will say/write whatever
comes to his mind.

LW:When you were my age, what did you think youd be doing at 60?

TW: I was in the military at your age, and my only
thoughts were to be a civilian.  No cognition of being 60.  Not a clue.

LW:Describe your children. 

TW:The absolute best any one could ever ask for.  Totally different from each other.  Never
met anyone I'd trade either of mine for.My daughter is very intelligent and has been successful in her business career.  Very independent, in some ways.  Proud of her accomplishments.My son is a piece of work.  Got the guts of a catburglar.  Been all over the world by the age of 27, with more traveling planned.  He sees other countries like a local, not as a tourist.  He probably sees things that even the natives don't see.That takes some sand.  Lives life on his terms, not society's.  Proud as hell of him.  Takes risks I never took.

LW: Well that's cute, I cant wait to put you in a home. Marriage, thoughts? 

TW: Only reasons anyone my age should ever even consider getting married....She gotta ton of
money....and she can see to drive at night. 

LW: So why 1973? Care to elaborate on this?

TW: I went thru a divorce in mid '72.  It was the height of 'The Sexual Revolution'
and I was not a prisoner of war.  I met, and was befriended by, more than a few very nice members of the female
persuasion to help me enjoy my leisure time.

LW:How did what you parents did for a living influence your life? 

TW:Both of my parents worked their asses off.  Dad especially.  I became an athletic official for 10+years myself.  Most of what work ethic I have comes from my Dad.  As in:  If you ain't early, you must be late.  If you don't feel good, getcherass to work.  if you're sick, die and prove it.  Work as hard as you can for as long as you can.  Anybody can catch the easy ones.

LW:How do you feel about being married? 

TW:If I hadn't married your mother, I wouldn't have yall.

LW:How and when did Snidley make his was into your life?

TW: In 1995 my best friend Dick Yax became sick.
I started writing to him to cheer him up.  Snidely evolved from the stuff I wrote to Yax.  After he died
Snidely became a creative outlet.  Some people think he write's funny.  I don't sing, play an instrument,
paint or any other of the 'arts', so TheSnide is the only creative aspect of my life.

LW:Surely, there are more then 2 highlights in you 67 years on earth?    

TW:Trips to England, Ire & Scot Lands.  Road trip
w/Chuck thru Maine.  The Navy.  3 college letters in baseball.  6-8 trophies for racketball from YMCA. 

LW: Would you say you have a good relationship with your siblings? 

TW:vI have a good relationship with both brothers considering we
don't live close to each other.  I see them about once a year on average.  We email often.  Talk on the phone about once a month.

LW: How does being 67 make you feel? other then old. Is there anything left you would like to do before you die? Is there any weird bucket list hiding in your closet?

TW: I feel I've lived past my time.  Not liking all the changes taking place in the world.  Very frustrated with
politics, stupid people, hustle and bustle of the big city.  I try not to bother anybody, and I don't want anybody to bother me.
It ain't working.  There is still some places I'd like to visit.  Prince Edward Island, Canada.  World Golf Hall of Fame, Florida.