Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Total War

Seeing as that I'm feeling real lazy and I dont wanna put a new MRR column up until the next issue is out, I decided to roll with the whole photo thing one more time.

These are some drunk people in Toronto dancing during a Sacred Shock after party at Zoe's house. Please notice Alex in the background looking lost. Also, the bass player for Christian Death was kind enough to make an appearance.

Erin Yankee is about to be 40 years old in a few days. That's cool. Punks over 40. Get into that shit.

This was taken the day after my birthday in Milwaukee. It was snowing and we were bummed. We stayed in the van the for the whole show and some face tattooed shit bag called us fake black metal pussies. He was right. ( note: none of us own skate boards or punk vests, except for Matt.)

I'd like to this time to apologize to everyone who was present for this photo. This is why the call me the Rumble in the Jungle. Philly 04?

This is for a MRR interview with Berdan from Drunkdriver entitled "Lunch with Logan and Berdan" He didn't shut his mouth once and I loved it.


A rare live shot of Sacred Shock with Vin Diesel running sound.