Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday Night is Family Night

As many of my devoted readers know, I'm currently displaced from my home. It didn't burn down or anything. I could pay the rent if I wanted to. I just dont want to. I live by own rules. However my own rules means living in a bed with my best friend in which we share a giant "Scarface" blanket like a 13 yr old living in Compton. He farts like a mother fucker, but to me his farts smell like roses. Amy and Miguel also allow me to live with them in exchange for taking out the trash every once and a while. Which I plan on doing soon. I got some shit going on right now and I ain't got the time to bother myself with such bullshit. Mr. Worrell has art to create.

Thursday night at our house is family night. We watch a movie that neither of us make it through and eat some type of awesome fast food. This Thursday was Sonic. Something about Sonic really gets my dick hard. Maybe its the cherry limeade. Maybe its the fact that I can put chili on whatever I want without fear of ridicule . Who cares. Amy got a gift card ( Texas as fuck, btw) so got weird on that shit. You have no idea how far $20 at Sonic goes till you nut the fuck up and try it.

" Can I have a foot long chili cheese dog meal? And can you sonic size it? And can I have chili and cheese on the tots too?" No problem.

Miguel only got jalapeno poppers to go with his "taco" which he actually "made" himself. Sucker. I'm an american. I pay mother fuckers to cook my food for me. It's my own little way of stimulating the economy. If you cook your own food you are either a communist or just cheap. Either way you make me sick.

This was my last bite. I was about to throw up or shit or something else I dont even no about , but somehow I managed to get through it. If my calculations are correct I ate about 2 feet of chili. I dont know what that means, but it's got to mean something.

Go ahead and ask me how much of a fuck I give.

After dinner we watched " Planes, Trains and Automobiles". It was lovely. Then we had to go to the broken neck to see my good buddy who I hadn't seen in some years. He's in a crust band. Duh. He had pink eye, so I wouldn't let him touch me. He seemed kinda bummed, but hey man, I cant let you fuck up my shit no matter how long its been. Plus hugging a guy is kinda weird anyway.